Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well it is November and I can't believe that 2010 is almost 2011 equals my 10-year high school reunion....yikes! Acutally, it isn't that scary, I just can't believe that it has been almost 10 years since I graduated. 

We had a fun Halloween, we celebrated the night before on Saturday at our church's trunk or treat and chili cook-off.  Since it is Alaska, it of course snowed, and everyone wore their coats and we couldn't tell what anyone was.  Julia was a Chicago Cubs cheerleader, she was so cute.  We bought 2 industrial sized bags of candy and ended up only having 10 trick-or-treaters.  I sent the rest of the candy with Mike to work, because I really don't need it. 

My goal for November is to write one unique "I'm thankful for" everyday, I am posting these on Facebook.  I have definitely felt a difference in my attitude.  Although, I must say my motivation and energy level were in the toilet today.  I am blaming it on the foggy day and the 16 degree weather we had.  That is all for tonight.

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